Social media: performance levers for real estate

Why use social media to distribute your real estate ads?

When 6 out of 10 customers now use social media in their real estate projects, the question seems to be more than ever on the agenda for people in this sector. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or even Instagram, one-upmanship and competition impose new rules for performing well in this market. It is precisely for this reason that you have to pay close attention to the form of your real estate ads which are published on social networks. LabSense reviews some of the great opportunities for you…

How to maximize the impact of your real estate ads on social media

First of all, post descriptions of your properties on social media. Determine your communication objectives, adjust to your target audience and see what type of texts you want. These descriptions must absolutely be synthetic and we will see their impact more strongly as they are rich in contextualized data. On top of that, artificial intelligence can allow you to source more so-called exogenous data, upstream of any content generation. Then, if content recycling is possible, to “speak green”, but be careful not to use the same text on your website.

Why feed your real estate posts with local elements on social media?

And yes, we said that texts enriched with local data are possible, but we have not yet mentioned why it is desirable! The locality of the property in question is always a plus, because locally enriched descriptions are more likely to match other queries that may interest your prospects, drowned in the immensity of social networks. The locality is in the top 3 searches associated with real estate.

Vary the texts from one to another to avoid repetition and not tire your Internet users. Nothing is more frustrating and counter-productive than the feeling of being invaded, spammed with inaccurate or irrelevant content.

Publish your adverts regularly (1 to 2 per day). You could republish old adverts provided you change the text and photos.

How does AI facilitate the tasks of the Community Manager in Real Estate

Communicating effectively on social media demands time and investment. LabSense allows you to automate the writing of your social media posts. When we know the short life span of posts on social networks, it is better to anticipate them and plan for a significant associated volume…AI is clearly a major ally in this titanic work of anticipation where the audience and the conversion are gained by maximizing brand exposure! So don’t wait any longer and take the plunge for lots of early publications and an always up-to-date real estate platform. AI, social networks and real estate: a trio of shock, indisputable lever of capture and customer retention in real estate.

social media and real estate: a performance lever

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