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Content writing is at the heart of e-commerce

For retail companies, performance now means maximizing the value of their E-commerce division. As a result, it’s becoming absolutely essential for brands that used to focus exclusively on the in-store experience to speak out on the web.

The no. 1 tool for generating quality product desriptions quickly

Today, brands are media outlets in their own right. In this new age, increasing your website traffic and conversion rate means rethinking your content strategy. Simply having a product is no longer enough. You need to tell its story while following a specific set of rules (SEO, duplicate content management, keywords, tagging, linking, etc.). This is why LabSense designed an automated text generation tool for product descriptions, making life easier for e-commerce businesses!

Why use AI in e-commerce?

Publish compelling product descriptions

Manage duplicate content accurately

Indexing your product pages

NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies can help you correctly index your product pages. After eight years of research and development, LabSense has created a solution that uses NLP to generate content. Its goal? Simplifying content generation for everyone involved in e-commerce, from retailers to online marketplaces.

The benefits of automated content generation for your product sheets

Drive traffic to your website or store

How can you get on the first page of a Google search and attract more clients?

If you would like more clients browsing your website and/or store, building your online presence is a must. Strong SEO performance is essential for retail businesses. You need to have a clear site map, detailed product descriptions, and quality content in each and every category.

How can you update your product descriptions quickly?

LabSense can help you boost your natural indexing by generating content such as product descriptions and seasonal articles. Available in several languages, our AI tool helps you cover your bases when it comes to SEO requirements, in particular the relevancy, volume and frequency of your content.

Where do you find the data to generate content?

Your information systems often have plenty of exploitable data, which can be found across various departments: Marketing, Product Development, Production, Purchasing etc. Why not exploit your own data? It could be a real time saver.

Turn visitors into clients

If you want to entice and gain the trust of new clients, you should provide them with relatable and engaging content. Automated text generation and variation can help you find the right words. In fact, you can use A/B testing to find out exactly which words are getting the best results. Increase your traffic and conversion rate thanks to your content!

Build customer loyalty

Stand out from the competition by offering a wide range of quality content. Embrace a customer-centric strategy and automate texts that are adapted to your different customer segments.

Increase productivity in a cost-efficient way

Manage your time and allocate resources more efficiently

Why dedicate time and energy to writing repetitive content when AI can do it for you? It’s time to put the 80/20 rule into action. Leave the tedious editorial tasks to us and focus your efforts on innovative and inspired content.

Say goodbye to typos

Not only will you save time, you will also minimize human error. Say goodbye to typos, slips, oversights and endless exchanges with editors and proofreaders. AI is here to help!

Build an online catalogue effortlessly
Save time with automated content generation
Reduce the cost of content creation

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