AI and real estate : talking about growth

AI and real estate? Artificial intelligence continues along its path by providing more and more industries with its technological advances. In its wake numerous economic sectors are boosted. The real estate sector can also benefit from this! At least for professionals who accept the idea that AI is not science fiction and that using it is simple, useful and pragmatic. Let’s see to what extent…

AI at the service of real estate is simple and accessible

Real estate agents by nature tend to be very hands on and busy. Time ‘well spent’ is that which is used to find new properties, draw up contracts, and perform property visits…and of course to finalize sales! But to get there, they have to complete a time-consuming, repetitive and yet vital task : writing the ad. To write this ad, the real estate agent can now rely on AI and its ‘robot editors.’

On the content side, strictly speaking, artificial intelligence permits the automatic generation of text thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP). Moreover, it represents an indisputable opportunity for re-writing and content enrichment through data mining. The contextual analysis of the text will then make it possible to correlate a price with an area, number of nurseries, schools etc. These AMT solutions (automated text generation) quickly make the money back and costs are saved due to the increased level of production. The AI thus frees up valuable time for the real estate agent, allowing them to concentrate on their sales mission. 

AI and real estate: yes to automated and optimized content!

The AI does not just produce content quickly and to a high standard. It also adapts content to web usage by optimizing the vocabulary used for search engines. The characteristics of a property will thus be all the better described on a product sheet or in an advert! They will integrate general criteria such as the property description, the geographical sector, the property type and any transactions.

Finally, they will use the most appropriate keywords given the main qualities of the property being promoted, for example, ‘quiet’ or ‘close to shops.’ The content can then be generated in the desired language, without going through the translation box. This is an undeniable blessing for any international strategy! These automated text creation solutions thus relieve the agent of the writing but also of the difficulty of ensuring visibility on the web.

AI and real estate : the winning combination!

Between the thousands of properties always on the market and the millions of buyer criteria, real estate is one of the biggest providers of ‘big data.’ Clearly, the marketing and sales challenge is major! Cross analyzing this data makes it possible to effectively reconcile supply and demand. How ? Data Mining demonstrates its relevance both in terms of UX and SEO impact!

Thanks to Text Mining, the AI will therefore dig into an existing text for the appropriate categories to better define the site tree structure and thus improve faceted navigation. A facet corresponds to a filter or a website sub-category for example. The result? Properly stored and indexed properties on your site, easy crawling on the browser side and above all happy users who apply filters at their leisure and easily find their property!

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