The Benefits of AI Automated Copywriting for Sports Media

When it comes to getting information on sports news, the Internet is the second most consulted platform.

Each web media, whether specialized or not, must offer content adapted to meet this demand. They have to cover a lot of sports news with sometimes few resources. How can artificial intelligence (AI) help in this context?

What sports content is consulted by Internet users?

Let’s start by talking about online sport in a few words: what is the most viewed sports news on the web?

Live sports broadcasts

Among the online content followed by sports fans, you will first find live sports broadcasts. These online video broadcasts of the competitions are widely followed by Internet users, who can follow the match in real time on their computer or smartphone and enjoy it remotely.

Match summaries

Among other popular sports content often consulted, you will also find match summaries. Many Internet users consult these summaries of the main events of a match or a competition in order to find out who scored, in what context and what the final result was.

Rankings and statistics

Among the digital content popular with sports fans, you will also find team rankings and statistics. Many sports fans check them for accurate information about teams and their results, which they can use to learn about previous game results and to track player progress.

Sport videos

The latest digital content popular with Internet users is sport videos. Widely used by sports fans, these match and competition broadcasts allow them to rewatch past events and enjoy detailed or slow-motion footage of important matches.

What are the most used social media platforms to learn about sport?

Facebook is the first social network to be consulted for information on sport. The Meta group’s network with its 2 billion users, is an indisputable source of visibility for sports media.

Another important player for sport on the internet: YouTube. This website, consulted by 19 million French Internet users every day, notably broadcasts video summaries of the matches, with a selection of the best moments. Publishing excerpts from sports videos on YouTube is a very good strategy to increase your visibility on the web.

In third position, Twitter is also very popular. The blue bird network, which has more than 200 million subscribers, is particularly known to athletes for its Live-Tweet function, which captures the spirit of a match in just a few words.

AI, a powerful way to automate the writing of sports content!

Why is artificial intelligence (AI) useful in sport?

Sport is one of AI’s favorite playgrounds: during a football match, thousands of pieces of data are generated. Thanks to this data, a large amount of content can be automated with artificial intelligence (live sports, match summaries, rankings, statistics, social media posts etc.)

The human editor, the journalist, can convey their emotion and make an in-depth analysis of a match. But today, many journalists in newsrooms are overwhelmed with data, and cannot cover all the matches.

The machine can intelligently retransmit a certain amount of information about the match, in order to increase the visibility of the media.

Gain visibility with automated writing

There are many thankless tasks when dealing with sport on an online medium: giving all the results, in detail, for each team. The human editor can’t handle everything.

A medium must first be visible: on the web, this involves the production of content. The online content allows the user to easily find the sports media site through a Google search. Thus, publishing a lot of content contributes to visibility. Since a human cannot process everything, it is important to automate the production of certain content on matches, that the editors do not have time to cover.

A revolution for sports media

Thanks to machine learning, it is possible to write texts automatically from raw data. The content is then directly produced by the machine, and published in just a few seconds! It is the algorithm that is responsible for interpreting and analyzing the countless amounts of data provided by the matches played, to make readable articles and useful summaries. The writing is then fully automated. 

The media can also automatically publish posts on social networks based on a result, a selection, a significant action during a match etc.

AI thus becomes a tool at the service of journalists, and a real marketing support for sports media, which allows them to automate the production of content and transmit more information.

We can say that new technologies are revolutionizing sports media!

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