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Automating content for social media

How to automate content for social media What if yesterday’s dream was today a reality? Artificial intelligence can now produce a large quantity of very

AI at the center of content creation

Content creation among the “hot topics” for companies 1. The injunction of content to “rank in Google” The effectiveness of content marketing is well-established. For

Artificial Intelligence : What is NLG?

Nowadays, we regularly hear talk of artificial intelligence and its unlimited fields of application. An ever more innovative technology, AI continues to revolutionize our habits,

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Text Generation

The solution is able to automatically produce premium natural language content at a scale and speed never seen before.

Text Mining
Do you want to enrich your data? The extension analyzes and extracts data from unstructured models to enrich your databases.
Summary of customer reviews
The extension assists you in the written synthesis of opinions and allows you to offer unique texts, separated by type of customer, useful to readers, contributing to the improvement of your conversion rates.