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LabSense empowers your content with AI. Our high-speed solution can turn structured data into volumes of varied text, designed for SEO purposes (keywords, control of duplicate rate, A / B testing), helping you to optimise your Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate (CTR and CRO). Our tool can produce custom-made content in multiple languages – you just decide how much and how often. In short, we offer a simple, efficient and accessible solution to create quality content for your target audience.


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Content: the best way to attract clients

LabSense believes in one simple principle: content is king. Blog posts, articles, social media posts, text2speech etc… your content is your brand. And with so many different voices on the web, content determines who is most relevant on any given topic.

How to Get on the First Page of Google

The question everyone asks! Your ranking depends on three factors: technical features, semantics and popularity. LabSense can help you improve the semantic and strategic aspects of your content. It is, in fact, your content that leads potential customers to your website. Content is the best tool you can use to boost your SEO (natural indexing): +30% of published content! Optimising your content therefore means improving its relevance, volume and frequency. LabSense can help you act on these three pillars thanks to its automated content generation solution.


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We want to make AI accessible using it to enhance your online content strategies, your marketing and editorial content, as well as your SEO performance.

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AI is an incredible assistant, freeing up your time by automating tedious day-to-day tasks.



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Through taking on some tasks, IAis here to help people, not to replace them. It supports us with certain tasks, operating on a different paradigm..




AI might not have all the answers, but it can still qualify and enrich content on a wide variety of subjects. These can be informative, descriptive, and can generate traffic.





AI is constantly evolving in order to better accommodate its users needs and find solutions to their challenges.




AI is not just for the experts. It is accessible and easy to understand, a tool that everyone can benefit from on a daily basis.



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What’s our Unique Selling Proposition?



More content in less time, without compromising on quality, for greater online visibility


LabSense empowers your content with AI, revolutionising market standards on three fronts: time, cost and quality of multilingual content creation.


Customer Support – one of our core values


Innovation goes hand in hand with customer support. For this reason, the content is always tailored to your needs. Furthermore, we continuously strive to adapt and improve our solutions, ensuring that you receive the highest-quality content with each text generation.

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