AI at the center of content creation

Content creation among the “hot topics” for companies

1. The injunction of content to “rank in Google”

The effectiveness of content marketing is well-established. For attracting new customers, it is important to publish regularly and with high quality content.

2. Limited resources for the creation of content

However, due to a lack of time and resources, 70% of companies are not fully satisfied with their content strategy. It is in this context that AI has a decisive role to play! To help you better understand what it can do for you, we offer this infographic.

Avoid texts that are too long and pay attention to duplicate content

Content written for the internet has to be clear and brief! It must especially be of high quality. Be careful not to oversimplify. Using only bullet points could penalize your SEO.

“Content is king”, AI is its queen?

1. Content and AI: a positive ROI combo

82% of marketers busy with their inbound marketing strategy say they see a clear return on investment following the intensification of their content production. 

2. A catalyst tool for content creation

AI can make it possible to generate a very wide variety of articles (barometers, editorial activity reports, market information etc.) but also white papers, infographics and can even help you to develop a quiz.

Our services

Text Generation
The solution is able to automatically produce premium natural language content at a scale and speed never seen before.
Text Mining
Do you want to enrich your data? The extension analyzes and extracts the data from unstructured models to enrich your databases.
Summary of customer reviews
The extension assists you in the written summary of opinions and allows you to offer unique texts, separated by type of customer, useful to readers, contributing to the improvement of your conversion rates.

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