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AI in tourism: use content to connect with your clients

With tourism accounting for 10% of the world’s GDP, two billion tourists are expected to have crossed the globe by 2030.* This means new opportunities for the hospitality industry and e-tourism businesses. Yet reaching potential clients still proves to be challenging. Personalizing your services and engaging with clients are key factors for success, and the content you provide can make a real difference. This is where LabSense can help.

*Source: OMT

New ways to talk about tourism

Generate multilingual content and forget about language barriers

Speak to your audience in their language

Inundated with options and deals, today’s consumers are not as loyal as they once were. When a few clicks are the difference between gaining a client and losing one, how do you stay ahead of the competition? By providing multilingual content, of course! Hotels, rental services, airlines and car hire companies; you know better than anyone the importance of targeting clients with content in their own language.

Goodbye translation, hello native content generation

Data has no language, it is universal: this is our starting point. We’ve all heard the phrase “lost in translation”, right? At best, nuances fade during the translation process; at worst, the original meaning goes completely awry. This is why LabSense creates content directly in the target language, avoiding translation – and translation bias.

Why generate content natively?

How does it work?
To put it simply, LabSense processes your data (excel, csv, rss, json etc.) and creates content directly in your target language, for example Spanish. This saves you the hassle of drafting a first version in English, having it translated, proofread and edited; we skip straight to the end result in Spanish!
Linguists and Artificial Intelligence: a love story ❤️

Our method is the result of 8 years of research and development in natural language processing. Our solutions combine the know-how of linguists and their mother tongue expertise with the power of AI. Turning your data into a multilingual resource is easy thanks to automated content generation!

An advantage for your international marketing campaigns

Tap into new markets, attract new clients and build customer loyalty. Language does not have to be a barrier for your business. It can be the secret ingredient for business growth! At the end of the day, success speaks a universal language.

Enrich your data for targeted content

Data is the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. Structured and enriched data is primed for generating the most relevant and targeted content. Not only can LabSense structure your data, we can also supplement it, giving you more to work with, in order to enhance, refine and personalize your content. Classified ads, events, holidays, weather forecasts… you need only ask!

Give your content a local flavour

While foreign and faraway lands never fail to exude an aura of mystery and rouse enthusiasm, “local consumerism” has brought new challenges to the tourism industry. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for short-term, local getaways and shared-accommodation platforms. With LabSense and its text generation solution, you can automatically create descriptions of products and services, bursting with local insights. What’s the local cuisine? What activities do you recommend for tourists? Impress your clients with informative, high-quality content!

Surf the wave of opportunities: add weather forecasts to boost your traffic

Constant web traffic, come rain or shine!

Did you know, the weather isn’t just a safe topic for filling awkward conversations? It’s also a fantastic way to boost your web traffic! Yes, anyone who can use a computer has probably looked up the weather forecast at least once in their life. Despite being a magnet for search traffic on tourism pages, the automatic generation of weather forecasts is often overlooked. Who hasn’t been disheartened by the rain hammering on their holiday rental windows in the middle of July? Or reluctantly switched a surf trip for a trip to the museum, on account of unpredictable tides…

Weather forecasts: another reason to talk to your clients

Would you recommend a steaming cup of cocoa during a heatwave? Rafting during the height of a storm? Didn’t think so. But what if you could enhance your content with customized tips depending on the weather forecast in real time? With LabSense, you can! This is an opportunity to engage your audience, expand your current services and increase the traffic on your website. Enriching your content with weather recommendations to improve your conversion rate is now possible. Our expertise in weather forecast generation is at your service!

Adapt your offer: generate content for last-minute bookings!

Speaking of unpredictable weather, last-minute bookings and reservations deserve a special mention. We can help you to anticipate the most useful content and social media posts for your audience. Generate multilingual texts and convert your “hot leads” thanks to targeted content!

Harmonize your content and guarantee a high-quality standard

The process at LabSense is clear and simple: it begins with data and ends in natural language generation. Our meticulous linguists, experienced data scientists and excellent customer support team ensure high-quality content every step of the way, helping you harmonize your brand strategy across the globe. Forget biased translations and project management mishaps. Streamline your processes, delegate repetitive content creation, and focus your time and energy on more valuable tasks.

Enhance the description of your services
Free up time for your team
Cut your content production costs

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