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In this day and age, showcasing relevant customer reviews is more important than ever. Recommendations are a powerful tool of persuasion and what consumers have to say about your service or product plays a crucial role in influencing purchasing decisions. Reviews are consulted regularly, giving your brand credit. With this in mind, we developed Verdicto as a handy tool for summarizing client reviews and turning them into real editorial content. Capitalizing on your customer reviews to generate content: it’s a no-brainer! Use your hard-earned feedback to boost your website’s natural referencing. It couldn’t be easier! Your customers are your best ambassadors.

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Use case: client review summary

A gaming website wants to increase the amount of feedback they receive from players. It would like comments to be auto-moderated and written in perfect English. It would also like to insert condensed reviews in its product information sheets, in order to guide consumers during their purchasing experience.

Mario Kart 7 has countless qualities, offering pretty much everything a gamer could hope to experience in a 3DS racing game. It stands out in terms of graphic design as well as playability. Having said that, a few minor shortcomings undermine the game as a whole: the soundtrack and lifespan. The multiplayer mode makes up for it though. So it’s a mixed review from me, but a positive one overall.

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