How to make real estate content perform better

How to increase traffic to your website thanks to great real estate content

Here is a recurring question for many real estate agents! Rightly so by the way, because 95% of real estate searches are done on the internet! Thus, each agent is called upon to create quality content for their real estate site.

To increase traffic to your real estate website, it is paramount to be visible to the search engine. The content therefore embodies an Eldorado for your SEO! In 2018, 90% of reported visits to real estate websites came from natural referencing. Evidently, the advert alone is not intended to emerge at the top of a request. Nevertheless, it consolidates the category to which it is attached to enhance your real estate site all the better by ricochet effect. Here is a set of solutions that will make the content of your site more efficient and improve your SEO performance!

8 tips for optimizing your content!

  1. Publish original content frequently
  2. Use keywords searched by Internet users for every page of content
  3. Be careful of spelling
  4. Offer Internet users the option to share your adverts on social media
  5. Add categories and structure the website to make it pleasant to read
  6. Take care of your links and make sure there are no dead ends
  7. Make your website compatible with mobile devices (AMP)
  8. Watch the quality of your photos and videos

How to turn your customer reviews into real estate content

83% of consumers rely on customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of a product or service. The law of peers dominates once again! Therefore why stay on the sidelines of this practice in real estate? 80% of customers also think that collecting and displaying customer reviews should be a systematic practice for real estate agencies! Whether for a property or a service offered by the agency, it seems that opinions are more decisive than ever in the customer’s decision to buy.

How to automate the writing of your files to boost your real estate content

AI is now able to respond to all these issues to optimize your real estate business. It allows you to automate your tasks, to save you time, in this case to write, from data, descriptions of properties, without quantity limit, with an unbeatable quality/cost ratio! As well as high performance real estate content, it’s less time spent on recurring and repetitive writing tasks, and even more time saved on proofreading!

Our services

Text Generation
The solution is able to automatically produce premium natural language content at a scale and speed never seen before.
Text Mining
Do you want to enrich your data? The extension analyzes and extracts the data from unstructured models to enrich your databases.
Summary of customer reviews
The extension assists you in the written summary of opinions and allows you to offer unique texts, separated by type of customer, useful to readers, contributing to the improvement of your conversion rates.

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