How to generate SEO texts easily with AI

1. What is an SEO text?

1.1 SEO: A simple definition

SEO is an abbreviation for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, or natural referencing. More simply, it determines the position of a website on the search engines (Google, Firefix, Bing, Mozilla etc). Unlike SEA, paid referencing, SEO refers to organic referencing and is therefore free.

1.2 The 3 circles of SEO

SEO is made up of 3 parts, let’s see what they are:

First part: technical SEO

Technical SEO references the indexing of pages, the loading speed, the optimization of images, the adaptability to different screen formats like mobiles etc. In short, everything that refers to the rather intrinsic particularities of the site, in its design and its ‘technical qualities’ as the name suggests.

Second part: SEO popularity

SEO popularity refers to partnerships with the media, the notoriety of the site, the links that redirect to the site which come from sites that are themselves popular…This aspect is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to impact.

Third part: content SEO

Finally, content SEO concerns SEO texts, similar to the flesh of your site. It involves all the topics you talk about, your references, the clarity of your code, the markup, the metadata etc. to put it simply.

2. The rules of SEO texts

2.1 What is ‘SEO text’?

An SEO text is, therefore, a text that makes it possible to appear on a browser page, for example Google chrome, following a search or a request: ‘artisanal jams’ in our example. You want your text to appear as high as possible in the list of results offered by the browser. Thus, SEO texts are web content whose visibility is said to be ‘optimized’. Their content is deemed relevant, is updated often and in sufficient quantity to have an impact on SEO algorithms. So-called SEO texts are valued by search engine algorithms, which allows them to come up and be seen more easily by all internet users.

2.2 How to stand out from the competition? How to be better referenced in Google?

  1. Offer quality content, related to your favorite topics that add value to the user experience when surfing the web. These contents must be optimized.
  2. Publish a significant mass of this content
  3. Frequently renew your content because the algorithms favor the most recent texts

In short, it is necessary to act on the quality, volume and frequency of the content. This is precisely where LabSense comes into play…

3. How can AI boost production potential?

3.1 A very simple concept

Faced with this ever-increasing need for production, the use of editors is not always enough. Long and costly, this solution is less effective than the automated text creation solutions currently offered by artificial intelligence. This technology offers the possibility of producing qualitative texts in large quantities and at a lower cost. Why? How does text generation work?

3.2 A simple process that starts with data

LabSense technology is based on the processing of semantic data, NLP in automated language processing. Thus LabSense processes and digests the data en masse to then produce the texts. A very large amount of data can in fact be processed and transformed swiftly into personalized texts.

3.3 Clear benefits

These SEO texts are produced in record time in order to enrich the website and increase its visibility. Once the process has started, new texts can be produced without any delay thanks to the updating of the data used. Therefore, sites using this technology take advantage of renewable content to remain visible and relevant to their users.

4. How does AI drive high-performing SEO copy?

4.1 LabSense : a tool to help with the creation of content and in particular SEO texts

AI also makes it possible to implement effective editorial solutions. Indeed, websites must work on the keywords attached to their domain, control the rate of similarity between the texts they publish and integrate an SEO structure into their content. These parameters are programmable to be executed by the AI before the SEO texts are generated.

4.2 LabSense: a useful tool to help update SEO texts

Furthermore, LabSense does not stop there. Updating content is also one of its clear strengths. What would you say to being able to readjust and rework your texts very quickly? Well it’s possible! LabSense AI allows you to adapt your texts, thanks to the readjustment of criteria and data.

5. What are the algorithms that control ‘duplicate content’?

5.1 The rate of duplicate content: what is it?

In addition to being relevant, published frequently and in quantity, SEO texts cannot be identical. This would significantly degrade the user experience. For this reason, browsers have developed several algorithms aimed at checking the similarities between different texts. The result of all these comparisons made by the algorithms is called the ‘duplicate content rate’ or ‘similarity rate.’

5.2 Should the duplicate content rate by 0?

The answer is no. Firstly, no one has access to all the study algorithms so ensuring a 0% rate is quite ambitious. Also, the rate means nothing if it is not compared to the product, the sector and its context, in a more general sense. Certainly, it is much more difficult to speak using lots of variety when describing a bolt or a screw in comparison to a skirt, I’m sure you will agree!

5.3 The algorithms used by LabSense

LabSense uses Jaccard, Jaro-Winkler, Levenshtein and SimHash. Why? Because our customers trust us and we want to offer them an additional guarantee of the quality of the texts produced.

6. Automated content creation to easily create SEO texts

The automatic production offered by AI therefore makes it possible to meet the incessant needs for new content, via texts optimized for SEO and ultimately for conversion. In this case, the LabSense solution lends itself to the generation of content in many areas, from the product sheet to the sports brief, including landing pages for local SEO and category or theme pages. The field of possibilities continues to widen!

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