How to produce optimized content for SEO

How to produce content optimized for SEO? What definition, what implications? These questions have already given rise to an article on SEO texts, now let’s go on to infographics for an answer made up of images and colors!

“Best practices” SEO for a better Google referencing

1. Adapt the size of texts for good SEO optimization

Producing optimized content for SEO is not easy. For a good reference in Google, it is paramount to adapt the size of your texts according to the type of content (blog posts, product sheets, category descriptions, press releases, white papers, content for landing pages and web pages…)

1.1 How many words for an SEO optimized product sheet?

We advise around 300 words for writing a product sheet. The text has to make up at least 10% of your page to be well referenced.

1.2 What size for a successful blog post?

It is important to promote your expertise in this way. Also, showing your clients that you have mastered your subject requires a certain length of content, at least around 500 words, and around 800/900 words for so called “cornerstone” content.

1.3 What length should a white paper be?

The content of a white paper has to be very consistant and well developed. We expect a white paper to provide expertise and a detailed analysis of a theme, hence a recommendation of 5,000 words for this.

1.4 How to optimize a press release for SEO?

For the press release, on the other hand, focus on efficiency! Content should be short, simple and “straight to the point.” It is not necessary to disclose everything, unlike the white paper. 200 words is the recommended length, it is sufficient for an explanation on the subject, as well as making you want to discover more.

1.5 What to advise for a SEO optimized web page?

When the majority of Internet users seek information instantly, speed has to take precedence. Consequently, no novels for your web or landing pages. 300 well-adjusted words on specific themes will be enough to satisfy these impatient visitors. To give you an idea, 60% of visitors read less than 200 words on a web page!

2. Variabilize your content to the maximum

50% of sites risk a penalty for duplicate content and 30% of sites have duplicate meta descriptions. Don’t hesitate to update the content of a website. This will increase traffic by 110%.

Do you follow these recommendations? If not, it’s not too late!

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