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How is AI changing content marketing?

In B2B as in B2C, it is essential today to do content marketing. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to implement cutting-edge and effective strategies to

AI and real estate : talking about growth

AI and real estate? Artificial intelligence continues along its path by providing more and more industries with its technological advances. In its wake numerous economic

What is a “robo-writer”?

What is a robo-writer? What is the technology behind this term, which is reminiscent of Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”? The term “robo-writer” raises many questions. What

AI for the tourism of tomorrow

The phrase “AI for tourism” may seem slightly paradoxical at first. But far from it! Tourism has been deeply rooted in our society for decades.

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The solution is able to automatically produce premium natural language content at a scale and speed never seen before.

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