8 tips for effective e-commerce content

For retailers, that’s the question. It’s Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter… You’re probably expecting a few truisms about the compulsive buyer’s indispensable, methodical to-do list… Well, no, quite the opposite: this article takes you through 8 tips for effective e-commerce content.

From “consumer centrism” to “marketer centrism”: the opening of a new paradigm with content generation

Today, the spotlight will be on you, retailers, e-tailers and marketplaces… In these few minutes of reading, we’ll be swapping the famous “consumer centricity” for a confident “marketer centricity”, in a world where rationalization and valorization of work will be the order of the day. So, in this precise context, what advice do you have for more effective content (product sheets, descriptions, etc.)? When you’re on the other side of the curtain…

What can you do to prepare for the big shopping moments with peace of mind? Let us invite you into this world, where the talk is of saving time, saving money and recognizing hard work… And we won’t be thanking Santa Claus, but rather Man and his assistant, Artificial Intelligence…

How do you approach this when you’re an advertiser?

First, we take a deep breath and stop stressing. We light the Christmas-scented candles and remind ourselves that we don’t do open-heart surgery. It is not a fatality, an inescapable moment of stress… Where there’s a problem, a question, there are bound to be answers. Let’s see what they are…In order to find the answer to the problem, we sometimes simply need to take a step back…

What’s the substance of the product description? Let’s take a closer look…

Product descriptions: a reminder

The product description is the sum total of the content provided to describe a product in terms of its pure characteristics, its benefits, its differentiating features, its use cases, its composition, and always re-contextualized within a brand universe.

Product descriptions: codified, structured content

Whatever the sector, corporate culture, internal processes, etc., the product sheet is basically always rigorous and follows precise construction schemes. In every company, whether in-house or externally on the various distribution platforms, similarities soon emerge, both in terms of content and form (bullet points, an application paragraph at the end of the description, a number of colors, etc.).

Product descriptions are a must

It goes without saying that product data sheets are essential for describing your products. Yes, they’re essential to brand awareness, yes, they’re essential to SEO and even more so to conversion. So it’s impossible to ignore product sheets in e-commerce…even if you’re a beauty, DIY or household appliance specialist…The product description is a must: we all agree!

Furthermore, whatever the universe or product, the product description is based on very precise data, because, as its name suggests, its purpose is to describe the product precisely, reassure the consumer and consolidate the brand’s values.

If there’s a structure, if there’s a rule, if there’s data….then there’s an opportunity for rationalization, it’s as simple as that!

How do you design your product description?

1. Let’s go data-hunting, of course!

How is the data presented?

  • Documents, csv, pdf
  • image flux rss
  • image connection by api

2. We discover that we have more data than we ever expected!

Often, there’s a lot more data than meets the eye. For example, the databases archived by the Training department alone are a fabulous means of generating texts: details on active ingredients, product benefits, ingredients, types of application by product category…Combine Training, Marketing Development and Laboratory…and you’ve got a firework display of rich data just waiting to be editorialized!

How does a retailer editorialize its data? The LabSense recipe

Nothing could be simpler if you follow the recipe in the assisted product description:

  • In a big bowl, agree on the marketing objectives of your content
  • SEO, Conversion, A/B testing…then define the type of content you want to produce
  • Take a target text as an example to help you determine the editorial angle and brand universe required.
  • Select the language of your choice, then set aside to keep warm.
  • At the same time, prepare a dataset for Artificial Intelligence
  • You will then have a sample target text that can be re-adapted to meet your expectations and those of your demanding audience.
  • Set the process in motion and let the AI variabilize, deconstruct, examine, and decline as it pleases to obtain a multitude of product descriptions in record time.
  • For an even richer text, don’t hesitate to ask the AI to enrich it with exogenous data (weather, contextualizing elements, customer data, etc.).
  • After all, the more data there is, the more semantically rich and variabilized the text will be.
  • 10,000 pieces of content coming soon, ready for testing
  • meta-descriptions, tags, keywords are soon integrated according to your careful recommendations
  • You can now smell the intoxicating aroma of freedom that will soon invade the whole open space.

That’s it! Well done, the thousand product descriptions have been successfully written, saving you, the marketing team, long hours of hard concentration and inopportune back and forth to point out typos, slipped in here and there, taking advantage of a few minutes’ inattention to ruin your retro-planning efforts!

  1. Take a deep breath and stop stressing. estimated time: 5 min
  2. Rethink how the product description is constructed, what the key elements are…estimated time: 15 min
  3. Take stock of available data (PIM/ BI /CRM…) estimated time: 10 min
  4. Hunt for data among the various services. Time estimate: 30 minutes of calls, slack, etc…
  5. Read the easy recipe for content generation estimation time: 5 min

  6. Make an appointment with LabSense. Estimated time: 1 minute
  7. Open up your chakras and allow yourself A/B testing and new avenues of acquisition via content you’ve never considered before. Estimated time: 20 min
  8. Finally, enjoy all the time and, above all, money saved in-house on the operational tasks of content production!

And for details on the landing pages associated with your products, click here.

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