AI for the tourism of tomorrow

The phrase “AI for tourism” may seem slightly paradoxical at first. But far from it! Tourism has been deeply rooted in our society for decades. In the quest for exotic overseas adventures, new experiences override a simple change of scenery, which is unable to satisfy our desires on its own. Customers want to be “invited to travel” from the moment they lay eyes on your website! From now on, destinations attract tourists through emotions and authenticity – the harbinger of an unprecedented adventure that LabSense will help you to describe and, of course, sell!

AI and tourism: data, enriched data and more targeted content

1. Data: the cornerstone of any content strategy

The more structured your data, the richer it is, and the more it will allow you to generate quality content. It is the cornerstone of your content strategy!

2. An unprecedented opportunity to enrich your data

In addition to structuring your data, LabSense gives you the option to source additional data, thus enriching your content, for a variety of topics: classified ads, events, holidays, weather forecasts… all you have to do is ask! Your data then becomes a goldmine for producing new stories and descriptions for your customers, as well as texts that are guaranteed to be more refined and targeted!

AI and tourism: giving your content a local flavor

1. A taste for local tourist information

New ways of traveling determine today’s tourism, and even more so, tomorrow’s. While the desire for distant, exotic lands remains the driving force behind foreign getaways, “local consumerism” has brought a new challenge to the tourism industry. Tourists don’t want to be crammed in high-rise buildings by the beach. They want a unique, individual experience! Short, local stays only down the road from where they live, flight-only travel packages where they sort out accommodation themselves, community platforms… These are all expressions of the new trends that are shaping tourism today.

2. The best solution for personalized content, centered around the chosen destination

LabSense can automatically generate product and service descriptions, filled with specific, local insights, that will demonstrate your expertise. Give your customers the experience they want. Provide them with the tips for restaurants, excursions and local festivities that you would like to know in a similar situation! Besides, isn’t pampering your client and anticipating their needs the exact definition of “consumer centrism”?

Using the weather to boost traffic

1. The weather, an influential factor in Tourism

The weather is no trivial matter: sun and rain are at the heart of tourism! This is an obvious fact that is too often overlooked. Yet it is an excellent way to boost your website traffic! What if travel specialists could warn visitors to adapt their activities in advance? Sports suggestions, new vacation packages and other alternative options in case the weather turns bad are all possible with automatically generated weather forecasts.

2. Forecasts for constantly updated and relevant tourism content

Describing hotels is good, but describing weather-appropriate activities in your region depending on the day is even better! Why not add weather tips to your content to make it more relevant? Because we are used to working on these topics with the media, LabSense can effortlessly intergrate weather insights into your content. So why deprive yourself of such a resource?

3. Weather as a source of traffic

Whether it’s on your hotel websites, restaurant chains or wherever it may be, the weather will always be a relevant topic! Give your customers a fresh perspective on this trivial topic. Your uplifting content will brighten their mood on the rainiest of days. Seize the opportunity to boost your traffic with LabSense!

AI and tourism: last-minute bookings and well-planned growth!

When it comes to booking vacations, consumers today can be described as “impulsive” and “instantaneous”! After “fast food”, “fast fashion”, we are seeing “fast tourism”. LabSense offers to generate texts in record time and in multiple languages to keep up with this need for speed! Don’t ignore the windfall of leads who are ready to buy after a quick browse and a few clicks! Convert leads with scheduled social media posts and targeted promotional content.

Standardize your brand’s voice and processes

1. Find the right balance

Building a brand discourse and a customer experience is one thing, standardizing across locations is another. How do you take into account the particularities of locations and establishments without compromising your brand identity? How do you ensure that your customers are treated and cared for in the same way across all departments? We understand how much of a concern this is for you.

2. Standardize to strengthen your brand identity

For this very reason, LabSense offers to make everything data-driven and generate in native language, thus eliminating translation bias! Our native linguists and data scientists guarantee SEO-optimized, high-quality content. Crucially, we maintain the similarity rate of your texts within certain predetermined limits, keeping duplicate content to a minimum.

3. Simplify translation processes by switching to native generation

Forget the regional development gaps in your portfolio, mobilize the same level of marketing requirements across the board! Forget the “safety blanket” of translation and content, along with those infamous “deadlines of deadlines of deadlines” to anticipate delays! Simplify processes, delegate tasks and focus your time on projects that require your full attention. In short, choose smart generation for:

  • More targeted content
  • Content with a local flavor
  • Increased traffic with the weather and other everyday topics
  • Optimized content for last-minute bookings
  • An international content strategy thanks to our multilingual solution

Our services

Text Generation
The solution is able to automatically produce premium natural language content at a scale and speed never seen before.
Text Mining
Do you want to enrich your data? The extension analyzes and extracts the data from unstructured models to enrich your databases.
Summary of customer reviews
The extension assists you in the written summary of opinions and allows you to offer unique texts, separated by type of customer, useful to readers, contributing to the improvement of your conversion rates.

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