Customers’ reviews are an essential resource to guide your customers in their decisions. Customers’ reviews are taken into account regularly and are an added value to product descriptions. Verdicto allows you to summarise your customers’ reviews and transform them into editorial content. The stakes are high. Besides improving users’ experience and guide them in their shopping decisions, Verdicto will help you in the natural referencing of your product descriptions.


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Value your Customers’ Opinion

  • Giving advice becomes easy! Your clients can post comments and share them with their
    friends in just 10 clicks.
  • The more comments, the more relevant.
  • Reviews are instantly reinterpreted in several languages, no literal translation.
  • A true summary of texts to offer to your clients.

Boost Your Traffic (SEO)

  • The comments are guaranteed to be grammatically correct and contain no spelling errors, so there is no longer a need for proofreading!
  • Perfectly appropriate comments from 50 to 3 000 words.
  • Uniquely structured texts, respecting the new SEO rules.

Go Viral in a Unique Way

  • A new, playful, and gratifying social network which offers different language levels.
  • Technology developed for the Internet and designed for mobile devices and social networks.
  • Technically controlled and reliable reviews regulated by a mathematical/matrix algorithm instead of using a textual model.

Examples of customers’ review summarization

A gaming website wishes to multiply the players’ feedback on its products. The website wants those comments to be auto-moderated with perfect quality. It also wishes to integrate summarised opinion for the product information sheet, in order to guide the consumers during their purchasing experience.


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