Avec Scribt, automatisez la génération multilingue de vos contenus

With Scribt you can automate content generation in multiple languages


Scribt is our solution to achieve automated content generation (SEO texts, products or services descriptions, social media posts).. Scribt is LabSense’s flagship solution: from structured data, our AI solutions can generate a high volume of diversified texts, designed for SEO (keywords, control of duplicate rate, A / B testing), and thus allows you to optimise your click rate and conversion rate (CTR and CRO). Scribt unlocks the full potential of your data and related data (NOMIS, ONS, POI, PIM, CRM…) to generate qualified texts, in different languages and without translation bias. Choosing Scribt means seizing the unprecedented opportunity to increase the quality of your content in record time, in all your target languages (FR, EN, DE, ES, IT, NL, PT)!

Maximise your budget
  • Best rates on the market: just dare to compare.
    rates on the market: just dare to compare.
  • Pay by the word, based on 3 quality levels, starting from €0.002 per word
  • Obtain a content packages or sign up for (API)

Boost your SEO
  • Exclusive and descriptive or advice-oriented custom texts.
  • Unique texts, optimised for search engines.
  • Increased time and more views on your website.

Shoot for quality
  • Texts guaranteed with no syntax or grammatical errors.
  • All sectors covered (travels, high-tech, restaurants, automobiles…)
  • Several levels of language and vocabulary.

Maximise your conversion rate (CRO)
  • Exclusive and descriptive or advice-oriented custom texts.
  • A true decision-making tool for your customers.

Speak all languages
  • Thought-out and generated texts in the language of your clients.
  • Generated texts done without translation.
  • This is the solution to approach new markets

Enjoy maximum flexibility
  • Reduce the processing time of your writing projects.
  • Real-time text generation without volume limitations.
  • Regular and automated updates of product catalogues.

Examples of automated text generation

Scribt bag

Automated writing of an e-commerce product description

An e-commerce website wishes to improve its SEO ranking, its traffic and its conversion rate while reducing the content production costs.







Automated generation of a hotel description







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