Content Creation is the Main Challenge

E-commerce keeps growing exponentially, and competition is fierce. Given the new challenges, a marketplace has to face such as increasing production of products and sku, the growing number of competitors, and with SEO being crucial and duplicate content being a no go sales success is, nowadays, defined by the smart and efficient implementation of e-commerce strategies.

The challenges


Writing effective product descriptions

40% of consumers abandon their online shopping cart because of bad product descriptions.


Enhancing customers’ reviews

88% of web users read customers’ reviews
before buying a product.



Rethink your content strategy through Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the digital age

LabSense offers first and foremost a turnkey solution. We support our clients that work in retail, e-commerce, and marketplaces when facing their biggest challenges: digitalisation and multi-channel presence. In short we help them with:

Attracting clients in their retail outlet or on their website

Attracting clients into your retail outlet or on your website requires a certain visibility of your brand. That’s why SEO performances are now a fundamental part of retail strategies. LabSense helps you to boost your web indexing through a high volume of relevant multilingual content which is frequently updated.

Converting their visitors into clients

Convincing your clients and building their loyalty also means being able to provide engaging content. Automated text generation and variation help you find the right words through A/B testing and automated media posts. Increase your traffic and your conversion rate with content!

Building customers’ loyalty

You can now stand out from the competition through diversified content. Embrace a consumer-centric strategy and generate texts types suited for the different branches of retail.

Improving productivity by cutting down costs

Manage your time and allocate your resources more efficiently. It is time to put into action the 80/20 principle. Spend more time on valuable tasks and content, and let AI take care of repetitive content generation. No more mistakes, typos or back and forth with editors and proofreaders: AI is here to help you!


Improving Product Descriptions

Use automated content generation for your product descriptions. They can be modified according to the data you have available (using BDD, PIM, and management tools). So this lets you create unique content and manage your duplicates. You will also be able to develop different texts while adpating them to the different platforms you use.



Enhancing Customer’s Reviews

88% of web users read customers’ reviews before buying a product, which means reviews have an integral role in purchasing decisions. Verdicto generates written summaries of your customers’ reviews allowing you to have unique texts, organised by client type, which will help you improve your conversion rate and enhance your ranking.



Categorising Your Products

Carefully categorising your products allows a seamless navigation experience on your website. Good categorisation also means higher conversion rates. Dig It applies several business rules to a data set and specific situation to extract correct information.



Present quality content to your clients


Save time writing your product descriptions


Cut costs through automation

Generate thousands product descriptions

In few seconds

In as many variations as needed

That can be implemented in real time to present your product range and optimise your ranking


You want to enrich your content? We know how!


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