What is a robot reporter?


The term “robot reporter” brings up many questions. What impact can such a technology have once used by businesses? Will it replace reporters and journalists? What role will the robot play ?

Today, content generation is booming. Brands and media publishing companies need to produce more and more content to get good ranking and keep being visible to internet users, today’s biggest group of consumers. Robot reporters are actually an extension to the more classical role of the journalist, and introduce the notion of “augmented reporter”. A robot reporter allows media publishers to face the high content demand without straining their human resources.

The Robot Reporter, a Smart Technology

Robot reporters are based on artificial intelligence technologies. To transform a considerable amount of data into text, they must be structured first. Text mining technologies such as Dig It allow the extraction and the analysis of data in order to exploit them. Once the data has been mined and processed, natural language generation technologies such as the robot reporter can be used to transform data into text. Data analysis allows the reporter to draw connections that enrich the content produced. Thus, data that could be hard to exploit or to understand becomes comprehensible.

Combining human expertise and the power of such technologies, you can thus create diverse, relevant, high-quality content. The robot reporter has the analytic task to enhance the logical connection that exists between data, without interpreting them; a robot reporter will convey the information provided by data in the most relevant possible way.

A Text Generation Tool That Does Not Threaten Human Jobs

Given the high content demand, the robot reporter is a great advantage. It can write products descriptions or even listings, but it can also be used by media. This tool does not compete with the work of journalists, but allows them to automate the most repetitive tasks. This tool will not give an opinion on a subject, offer editorial expertise or conduct an investigative coverage. Its main role is to create factual, informative texts with the date it is given.

These factual texts come in handy when there is the need to share raw information, without any interpretation, especially if the information concerns a specific location or domain. The robot reporter can also share sports results through highlights, such has horse racing or football championships in several countries; these kinds of texts require journalistic resources and can reach many potential readers. By processing initially complex information, the robot reporter can also provide financial reports or stock market indexes.

Robot reporters such as Scribt can thus create a large number of texts in little time and at competitive price. With flawless grammar, this diversified content enhances and structures the available data and allows clear and effective communication, able to expand media’s content offer by multiplying their production capacity.

If you are interested in using a high-tech robot reporter, ask for a demo!

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