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With tourism accounting for 10% of the world’s GDP, 2 billion tourists are expected to have crossed the globe by 2030! This means new opportunities for those who work in the hotel, restaurant, and e-tourism industry. Yet, reaching potential clients will continue to be challenging. Personalizing your services and engaging with clients are going to be key factors for success, and the content you provide can make a real difference. At least, that is what we believe here at LabSense.

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LabSense understands what’s at stake

Generate multilingual content

Today’s customers are not as loyal as they used to be, and it’s hard to attract attention in a few clicks. Therefore, the question arises: how to possibly stand out from the competition? By providing multilingual content of course! Hotels, rental agencies, airlines, car rentals; you know better than anybody how important it is to provide your clients with content in their own language.

In fact, « consumer-centric » communication means first and foremost communicating with customers in their own language. That’s the reason why LabSense created Scribt, enhanced by 8 years of language encoding by our native linguists and data scientist, to generate editorial content in natural language. Using your data as a multilingual resource is now possible thanks to content generation!

Go on and tap into new markets, attract new clients, cultivate customer relationships and build customer loyalty. Language is no longer a barrier for your business, but the undeniable key to business growth. Because, at the end of the day, success in is a universal language!

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Enrich your data for targeted content

Data is the cornerstone of your marketing content strategy. The more your data is structured, the more it is enriched, the more you will be able to generate varied, pertinent, and personalised content. That’s why LabSense gives you the opportunity not only to structure your data, but to enrich it as well. Classified advertising, events, holidays, weather forecast… simply ask! More structured and enriched data means more refined and targeted texts!

Give your content a local flavour

As the thought of foreign and faraway lands continues to exude an aura of mystery and enthusiasm, the « local consumer » movement provides new challenges for those who work in the tourism industry. Short, local vacations, and common accommodation platforms are a clear manifestation of this reality. With LabSense and its text generation solution, called Scribt, you can automatically generate product and services descriptions enriched with local and specific insights. What about the local cuisine? What local activities can tourists enjoy? Convince your clients now with high quality content!

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Surf the wave of opportunities: add weather forecasts to boost your traffic

Rain and sunshine are not trivial subjects. Although considered to be an incredible traffic factor for tourism, the automatic generation of weather forecasts is still too neglected! We have all suffered from the rain putting a damper on our July vacations; we have all, at least once, decided to switch up our surfing getaway for a museum week due to unpredictable tides?

Would you advise someone to have a steaming cup of cocoa during a heatwave? Or to go rafting during a storm? Enrich your content with tailor-made advice depending on the forecast, and seize the opportunity to attract traffic on your website with information useful in day-to-day life! Enriching your content with weather information and advice to improve your conversion rate is now possible. Here at LabSense we have the proof, and we are glad to put our expertise in weather forecast generation at your service!

Adapt your content offer: generate content for last-minute bookings!

Weather means seasons, special offers, and most importantly, last-minute bookings and reservations! Analyze the different user cases, and anticipate on useful content and social media posts with LabSense. Generate multilingual content and convert these « hot leads » with targeted content!

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Harmonise and ensure quality and presentation standards

It all begins with some data, and it ends in natural language generation. The process here at LabSense is clear and simple. Thanks to the expertise of our native linguists and our experienced data scientists, we ensure high-quality content. We have a highly editorial, literary approach, and we believe in thorough customer support, to help you harmonize your brand strategy around the globe. No more biased translations or delays due to project management : you can now streamline your processes, delegate repetitive tasks, and focus your time and energy on more valuable tasks.

Line up your brand strategy by summarizing customer reviews

Let your loyal customers speak for you! Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, and their star-studded reviews have all eyes on them.And that is only fair, since customer satisfaction is at the core of your business. Nonetheless, even though stars are a good indicator of customer satisfaction, they cannot, on their own, boost your SEO. To bridge this gap, LabSense developed Verdicto, a solution that assimilates, incorporates, and reformulates your customers’ reviews, according to the information available. With Verdicto your customer reviews can become the backbone of your brand strategy and boost your indexing!

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