Standing out among the competition is the key for success!


Improving your ranking on search engines is vital to increase the traffic on your real estate website. In 2018 90% of visits on real estate websites were the result of natural ranking.



Customers are looking for you!


36 millions Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors is the expected number of visitors for the most popular real estate website in the UK


50% of the general public in th UK is keen to buy a real estate property



The power of AI for your content!


A series of solutions to improve your ranking and your sales!

Nowadays, artificial intelligence can help you enhance your real estate business by offering you several solutions to industry-related problems. AI allows you to save time by automating several tasks, enhancing your customers’ reviews, and generating a high volume of content at an incredible price/quality ratio.



Improve your real estate descritpion


Using original content and the keywords most searched by web users, you can improve the ranking of a real estate description. Scribt can generate automated high quality content in your target language, at unprecedented scale and speed.



Enhance Your Customer’s Reviews

80% of consumers believe that real estate agencies should systematically gather and share customers’ reviews. Verdicto generates written summaries of your customers’ reviews allowing you to have unique texts, organized by client type, which will help you improve your conversion rate and optimise your ranking.



Categorise Your Real Estate Properties

Carefully categorising your real estate’s properties allows you to give advice to customers more efficiently. Dig It applies several business rules to a data set and context to extract correct information.






Present quality content to your clients




Save time writing your product descriptions




Cut costs through automation

Generate thousands product descriptions

In few seconds

In as many variations as needed

That can be implemented in real time to present your product range and optimise your ranking


You want to enrich your content? We know how!

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