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The real estate continues to flourish thanks to markets’ liberalisation and favourable conditions. Prices continue to rise due to the high demand, and nonetheless in the last years there has been a record number of real estate transactions. This means incredible opportunities for all those who work in real estate! But high demand in real estate goes hand in hand with high demand in real estate content. LabSense’s AI is here to help you out in providing a high volume of quality content.

LabSense knows what’s at stake

Clients are looking for you, help them find you with AI!

It goes without saying, to do business, the two parties need to meet! That’s the reason why content is what you need to boost your SEO performance… with Scribt, our solution for text generation, LabSense can help you publish ads including the keywords you want to use. These keywords are then diversified to maximize your visibility in web queries, and to minimize duplicate content!

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Multilingual ads in a click!

Writing real estate ads and descriptions is an annoying and time-consuming task. Your realtor can confirm. After 8 years of research and improvement in natural language encoding, LabSense knows how to make their life easier! More relevant content, in more languages, more clients and more markets to tap into! Automating the generation of real estate multilingual ads is now possible! Use AI to enhance your real estate ads!

Minimize ads’ publishing costs

If you add up the hourly rate of writers and editors, the back and forth between writers and proofreaders, the time spent researching info, the actual cost of real estate advertising can escalate quickly. Wether they are done internally or outsourced, writing and editing these ads is money and time consuming, and the process takes up valuable resources that could better be put to use. Luclky LabSense can help you manage your time, money, and energy more efficiently: we offer monthly subscription plans for your ads, in all the languages you need, with no limit on the wordcount. Make your realtors’ life easier and boost the performances of your sales and marketing team. Let them work on the field and enable them to excel in customer care: that’s what they do best!

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Enrich your real estate ads through data

Publishing high quality content quickly is not all LabSense has to offer. Our AI can use data to generate content, and it can even add more info to the data you provide. Your content could be developed and expanded by local info, regional events, weather forecasts…

New opportunities thanks to weather forecasts

Weather forecasts: an incredible source for traffic, and yet still neglected by content providers. With weather related data you could enrich your properties descriptions with pieces of advice on mantainance, upkeep and contextualization. Charm potential buyers and tenants with descriptions that really paint a picture of your real estate; capture their imagination with rich descriptions that will make them feel already at home.

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