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As more people rush to get on or climb the property ladder, the housing market is flourishing. Indeed, in recent years, transactions have sky-rocketed. For real estate professionals, the market is rife with opportunities. But high demand in real estate goes hand in hand with high demand in content. LabSense is here to help you rise to this challenge. Thanks to AI, mass-production of high-quality content is simple!


LabSense knows what’s at stake




Find new clients through content


Use content to gain visibility

No matter how good your offer is, you won’t tempt anyone if they can’t find you! This is why maximising your online visibility is so important. The good news is that you can improve your search engine ranking by frequently publishing quality content. Even better, we can automate the whole process for you.


SEO, a strategic tool

Thanks to our smart content solution LabSense can help you create property ads. Based on the keywords of your choice, our AI system generates texts with variations of those keywords, maximising your web search matches and minimising duplicate content.


How can you generate property listings quickly?


Real estate listings are tedious and time-consuming to write, most estate agents would agree. Fortunately, LabSense can lighten their workload. Thanks to eight years of reinforcement learning in natural language processing, our AI solution can automate the production of your real estate ads in multiple languages. More content, in more languages, means more markets to tap into and more clients!Write your property ads with LabSense AI.

How can you minimise advertising costs?


Reduce the production cost of your ads

Adding up the billable hours spent on research, writing, back-and-forths with editors and proofreaders… the real cost of creating real estate ads can escalate quickly. Whether listings are written internally or outsourced, the process uses up valuable time, money and energy. But it doesn’t have to! We offer quick, cost-efficient, high-quality ads generated by AI. Thanks to LabSense, you can put your human and financial resources to better use..


Let estate agents focus on customer care

Our monthly subscription plans make publishing and editing ads simple. It’s easier to manage costs, plus you can forget the hassle of translating: we produce content directly in the target language, with no limit on the word count. When we take care of the content, estate agents can spend more time boosting sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s what they do best!









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HHow can you enrich your real estate ads with data?


Publishing high-quality content quickly is not all that LabSense can do for you. Our AI doesn’t just use data to generate content, it can also add details to the data you provide. We are able to source additional information, as needed, to enhance your listings. For example, you can expand your content by adding regional specificities, local events, weather forecasts…

New opportunities thanks to content


Content hack: weather forecasts as a traffic booster

Weather forecasts are an incredible source of traffic, yet they are typically neglected by content providers. Weather-related data is a great way to enrich your property descriptions. Based on this information, you can provide insider tips for property maintenance and upkeep.

Make your real estate descriptions stand out

Extra content to describe your real estate is all very well, but how will your listings stand out from the crowd? LabSense can provide you with ads that truly capture a property’s essence. Charm potential buyers and tenants with words that paint a tangible picture, capture their imagination with rich descriptions and make them feel like they’re already home…









Write detailed and contextualised real estate ads




Free up time for your team




Manage the production cost of your ads








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