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What media content can you automate?



Live stream sporting events & news
Générez des résultats sportifs en multilingue

Weather forecasts
Un trafic accru grâce à la météo

Reports & analysis
IA au service de vos analyses, gagnez du temps



AI and media





Collect information

To create content, first you need to collect information. LabSense can help you manage your data, categorise them, and enrich them.

Generating Content


You can quickly create all content that has little added value

With LabSense, your data can be used to generate content that has little journalistic value, but that is nevertheless important to your readers.

Examples of automated content

Election results, sports results, weather forecasts, strikes, biographies… case studies are abundant. By feeding our solution the data collected, our AI can analyse them, correlate them, synthesise them, and finally transform data in SEO optimised texts.. Moreover, LabSense solutions can also manage formatting, such as tagging, linking, managing metadata and reducing duplicate content – which is just as important as generating content!!





Share information easily

Different formats available

CIn regards to distribution, LabSense’s solutions can provide you with different mediums (texts, videos, images) that can be delivered in different formats to be easily integrated in your own solution (excel, csv, rss, json, API…).

More freedom to manage your published content

Do you want to change your editorial angle? No more project managing constraints. LabSense’s technology has been designed to be flexible, to allow you to easily address your target audience.





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Save time with automated content generation




Cut down costs








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