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LabSense is a company with 8 years of linguistic coding experience and an extensive comprehension of languages in general. We are able to thrive thanks to the skills of our native linguists, the expertise of our data scientists and the sensibility of a team focused on Customer success and natural language.

This team makes it possible to bundle the powers of human intelligence and the efficiency of the machine. From (structured or to be structured) data, we can generate a high volume of varied content formats. The content is diversified and developed by artificial intelligence in the target language, avoiding the bias of translation.

Our projects perform on multiple levels, starting from SEO (key words, keeping under control duplicate content, A/B testing, linking, etc…) up to the production of informative content, descriptions (biographical summaries, cultural attractions per town) or even any type of outcome (game results, the lottery, stock exchange…) , contextualized statistical data (official numbers, rates, etc…) and forecasts (weather). Thanks to our content, our clients optimize their number of clicks, boost their traffic and are able to edit quality offers based on their readership.

Our Content Offer

Automate your content generation!

Sports Coverage & News

Weather Forecast

Product Descriptions, Customer Reviews

Financial Analysis & Reports




An increasing demand for Content


50% of the time spent on the internet is spent on social media


Editorial Teams struggle to answer increasing demands


28% of journalists report insufficient resources to meet content demands





The increasing demand for social media content, the lack of resources, and SEO challenges make AI a must.


Offer quality content to your readers


Save time writing your content with automated content generation


Cut costs through automation

Identify new topics

Publish high quality content quickly

Drastically cut your costs

Implement in real time SEO elements (meta descriptions, tags, linking)


You want to enrich your content? We know how!

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