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How to automate content for social network websites ?

Artificial Intelligence can nowadays produce a vast quantity of personalized content. Thanks to the ability of robot reporters, it is possible to automate content creation to be published on social media, hence optimizing their impact. 1. AI is the perfect tool to create a large quantity of content specifically for social network websites AI technologies…

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AI, your ally for SEO content

SEO content is web content with optimised visibility. This type of content is highly favoured by search engine algorithms, thereby making it more accessible to potential internet users. There are three golden rules for maximising your search engine ranking: Make sure that your content is relevant and optimised, i.e. useful, high-quality information related to your…

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What is a robot reporter?

The term “robot reporter” brings up many questions. What impact can such a technology have once used by businesses? Will it replace reporters and journalists? What role will the robot play ? Today, content generation is booming. Brands and media publishing companies need to produce more and more content to get good ranking and keep…

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What is AI?

  Artificial intelligence is one of the main challenges for businesses today. But what does artificial intelligence really mean? AI and Smart Machines The expression ‘artificial intelligence’ refers to programs or computers that are able to perform actions or adopt behaviours generally associated with human intelligence. Since they are capable of processing large amounts of…

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AI and e-shopping

At a time when competition is getting harder and harder, artificial intelligence is a very efficient tool for optimizing online shopping sites, making them more readable for users as well as for search engine algorithms. AI at the service of the readability of the e-commerce site Nowadays, marketplaces are everywhere; everyone has a go at…

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How can AI assist the media?

How can AI assist the media? It is a question worth asking. AI often awakens curiosity as much as it does fear. Still, the media have come to use this tool and celebrates the important assistance it gives them. Let us have a look at its many functions and accomplishments… Assist the media? First step:…

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