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SEO contents are web contents with optimised visibility. The value of their caracteristics are topped up by search engine algorithms that allow them to be more visible and accessible to potentiel internet users.

For a site to be as well referenced as possible, two rules have to be respected:

  1. Publish a large number of contents and update them
  2. Offer optimised and relevant content


1. An exponential production potential thank to AI

As to be well referenced, a website should be positioned among a number of search queries consisting of key words.
The multiplication of pages allows to increase the number of entries on the website and to rise in the search engine algorithms that are constantly changing.

In order to meet the need for a constantly growing demand of content, the efforts of writers do not always suffice. Long and pricy, this solution is less efficient than those allowing automated text creation, possible these days thanks to artificial intelligence.

This type of technology makes it possible to create content of high quality in large quantities and at a low cost. These personalized texts are based on a large amount of data and created in a small amount of time. They add to any website and offer them a higher visibility. Once the process is started new texts can be created without any delay just by updating the data. That way, websites equipped with this technology have numerous renewable contents that allow them to stay visible and relevant to their users.


2. How does AI allow for SEO performing content?

AI also allows for efficient editing solutions. In order to stay relevant, internet websites should update the key words
that are attached to their domain, they should master the amount of duplicate content they publish and integrate an SEO structure.
As to not continuously rework content that is to be published, AI allows for automated SEO strategies. By putting such strategies into place a lot of time can be saved. The optimised content is ready to be published and will perform in regard to visibility.

The recurrence of key words in research engines is analysed by robot reporters in order to optimise the use of those that seem the most relevant.
As to ensure that the proposed content is sufficiently varied to please internet users and evade duplicate content sanctions, high-tech software analyses and compares similarities of available content.

Specifically, we use Jaccard, Jaro-Winkler, Levenshtein and SimHash to be certain of the quality of the created content. On top of these necessary measures, we are able to put a SEO strategy into place that is automated and efficient.


3. La création de contenu automatisé pour créer facilement des textes SEO

The solutions proposed by AI allow the inclusion of optimised headings and intertitles that prioritise the use of key words.
The intelligent reporting engines are also able to integrate tagging and SEO link building. This strategy creates links between
different contents in order to improve the referencing of a page, but also the visibility of the entirety of contents on a website.

To augment the accessibility of pages, it is necessary to associate them with a title tag and a meta description tag. These
indispensable elements of natural referencing are the title and the description of your page that inform the user as
they appear among the query results on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). If we manage to optimise them, they could be analysed and referenced by Google and be useful for internet users. Thanks to AI it is possible to automatically create them, as to meet the users’ expectations and the Google algorithm requirements.

The automatic creation proposed by AI allows to meet the growing need for new contents, but also to obtain optimised content with a strong SEO impact.
Redaction engines like Scribt can be used in multiple domains, from product descriptions to short sports news, local SEO landing pages and category/theme pages.

The possibilities are absolutely endless. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in optimizing your content with SEO. We would be delighted to provide you with a demo!

Posted on 2 avril 2021 in Blog

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