AI and e-shopping


At a time when competition is getting harder and harder, artificial intelligence is a very efficient tool for optimizing online shopping sites, making them more readable for users as well as for search engine algorithms.

AI at the service of the readability of the e-commerce site

Nowadays, marketplaces are everywhere; everyone has a go at online shopping. That creates a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of competition. In order to succeed, it is of course necessary to offer a wide range of products with effective description pages, but it is not enough. Successful e-commerce websites are easily readable not only for potential customers, but also for SEO algorithms.

AI enables online marketplaces to stand out among competitors by indexing a great volume of references and making them accessible.

Smart categorisation for e-commerce

To make sure all references are accessible and therefore available to be purchased, it is vital to organize them in efficient categories. However having a lot of references makes the process more difficult, since it is necessary to have access to all relevant data and to create a categorisation that will enhance the catalogue. Manually categorising a catalogue can be very time consuming, even if there are not many references to organize. AI, on the other hand, can process data automatically and efficiently; text mining can extract and manage a great deal of data. Once all data is correctly extracted and processed, AI is able to identify product classification models that enable a smart website categorisation. Moreover, the very same technology can also be used for product description optimization.


Exemple de catégorisation pour le site Amazon

Every time new product references are added to the catalogue, it is important to maintain the same organisation; otherwise the entire website organisation could be compromised, and your categorisation, essential for a good user experience would be lost. Therefore, be careful not to just copy-paste a supplier’s catalogue onto your website! Use AI instead: it will enable you to process the new data and automate their organisation and categorisation, to boost your conversion rate.

Faceted search for a great customer experience

Web users crawl a well organised website more easily; let’s not forget that “to crawl”, in this context, means “for a user to navigate and scan”. Thus, the website is more user-friendly and is better indexed. How can you improve user experience on your website in order to have visitors become clients? The key is to have a good faceted search available. Faceted search allows visitors to browse your products more efficiently through filters (which can include categories, sub-categories etc.). AI can help define more precisely the diagram of your website.

Faceted search allows users to sort and classify products according to their needs. Filter may vary according to the product offer. If they are correctly defined and linked to the corresponding products, they can significantly improve user experience and conversion rates. Nonetheless, a bad faceted search can lead to duplicate content, and have a negative impact on your website indexing, so be careful!

AI for automated product pages 

To ensure an efficient faceted search, you want to have a smart product classification. This is where AI can help you. Once the data is organized and processed, thanks to text mining software, you can have it both ways: a faceted navigation that boosts clients’ experience, and a good SEO score.


Exemple de facettage sur le site Amazon

AI allows you to better categorise your website.Through specific filters, users navigation experience is semplified, and product visibility is improved, as well as the conversion rate. but these filters can also be used to generate product pages automatically, following specific criteria. From data and keywords, AI can generate title and page URLs.

Création d'une URL à partir de données

Création d’une URL à partir de données

5 seconds to understand what AI can do for e-commerce


  • Improve your SEO through categorisation and faceted search
  • Boost your conversion rate through better user experience
  • Automatically generate product pages
  • Keep under control duplicate content

If you are interested in improving your website using AI, do not hesitate to contact us for a try. We’ll be happy to help!

Posted on 2 mars 2021 in Blog

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