Attract and convert clicks thanks to automated content

Automated content to boost your website

LabSense believes in one simple founding principle: content is king. Blog posts, articles, social media posts, text2speech etc… your content is your brand. And with so many different voices on the web, content determines who is more relevant on a specific subject. In short, is mostly based on the content on your website that clients can find you! Content is thus the first factor in SEO (natural indexing) performance. However, the competition is fierce, and each year it accounts for a 30% increase in published content. Boosting your SEO means, therefore, boosting the three pillars of published content: relevance, volume, and frequency. LabSense can help you act in these directions thanks to Scribt: our solution for automated text generation.

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Content: how can you categorize and streamline customer experience?

text mining and categorization: what for? As content is the heart of your SEO strategy, categories are its backbone. Categories can be used to define filters (facets) and allow you to map out your website. A successful categorisation is a powerful tool to enhance your SEO strategy. With an efficient categorisation you can index your categories, organize articles or products, and thus streamline users’ navigation on your website. To meet these needs, LabSense developed Dig-It, a turnkey solution for text mining and smart categorization.

Turn customers reviews in optimized content and line up your brand strategy

Showcasing customers reviews and their star based notes is undoubtedly reassuring for potential customers. But these reviews don’t have a direct impact on your SEO. Verdicto can incorporate reviews and transform them into publishable content. The goal is to capitalize on your existing customers reviews to improve your indexing. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to line up your brand strategy and to enhance it with customers’ opinions. If your aim is a consumer-centric strategy, this is yet another arrow in your quiver!

Our mission

We want to make AI accessible and use it to enhance content strategies and the SEO performance of your website.

Our vision

AI is an astounding assistant: it enables people to focus on valuable tasks and save time, by taking care of annoying tasks.

Our values

Being useful: AI answers daily needs and challenges. It is adaptable and it can evolve to answers users’ daily queries.

Being pragmatic: AI might not have all the answers, but it can nonetheless qualify and enrich content on a wide variety of informative and descriptive subjects that can generate traffic.

Being complementary: AI helps people, it does not replace them; it only takes on some tasks. In short, it works on a different level.

Being accessible: AI is not just for the experts. It can be accessible and comprehensible to everybody on a daily basis.

LabSense: We go the extra mile…

What’s our Unique Selling Proposition?

LabSense empowers your content with AI while revolutionising market standards in terms of time, costs, and quality, regarding multilingual content creation. Our stance about content is clear. If there is data and audience, there should be content. Informative and descriptive content is key to SEO & CRO, however there is a dire lack of resources to produce it.

We truly believe that people should focus on what they are best at and let the « low-value » work to AI. Thus we provide our partners in the best semantic alliance of human brains and artificial intelligence to generate the most consistent content in native language.

Our credo: innovation goes in pairs with custom-made. Customer-thinking means challenging yourself. We take nothing for granted, hence, we improve everyday our AI to better suit your needs! Our goal is yours !

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